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This is beautiful. <3Asked By - curi0sity-killed-kat

Thank you!

This blog is perfect.Asked By - vangoghsdaughter

Thank you. ;D

3 years ago
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Speaking of Barrowman doing fabulous things… here’s sexytime Barrowman.

(Also,  in the fith picture, that is totally Simon from Play School!)

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clearly i went a little insane w/ reblogging, but i couldn't resist. xD

Barrowman-ILove | Tumblr
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HAHA It’s A-OK. Its what they are there for. ;D

This blog is AMAZING!! I'm so glad barrowman-ilove brought it to my attention. Thank you so much for all the fantastic pics!Asked By - captain-kink-deactivated2013042

Thank you! ;D I’m glad you like them. I love the man in a dress. :]

3 years ago


OMG John Barrowman is soo hot as a woman

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You know, before this, I was deathly terrified of seeing ANYONE in drag... but this... has changed everything.Asked By - iwillknowmyvoice

I am so glad that you like it! He looks incredibly good in drag, it’s unbelievable.

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Just wanted to tell you that currently I have reblogged you the most on my tumblr. I <3 you and your Barrowman drag!Asked By - suicidalapples

Thank you darling! I am so glad that you like it, honey. It seems to have taken off all on it’s little lonesome. <3

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